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Access to the library online catalog and most of the library Web pages is available from any computer with an Internet connection. Links to electronic resources in the catalog will indicate if access is restricted:

Screen image showing online access restriction.

License agreements restrict access to electronic resources such as journal article databases, eBooks, and eJournals. Access is available from computers on ETSU campus networks (wired or wireless) and is available from off-campus (i.e., from home, business, or campus housing) to current ETSU students, faculty, and staff.

Current ETSU Students, Faculty and Staff

If you are off campus and connecting through a commercial Internet Service Provider (e.g., Charter or Comcast cable, DSL, wireless broadband) you can get access to library resources in either of two ways:

  1. Proxy Server

    The proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and library licensed electronic resources so that requests from your computer appear to be coming from the campus network. The proxy server will prompt you to login with your ETSU user name and password:

    Screen image showing proxy login

    and connect you to the resource if authentication succeeds.

    Links to licensed resources on the library Web site include the proxy server prefix so that they work from on or off campus:

    Screen image of link URL with proxy prefix

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN) ETSU Faculty and Staff Only
    With VPN you establish a secure connection to the ETSU campus network and can also connect to your office computer from home. VPN access must be requested from the ETSU Office of Information Technology (OIT) using the Network Security Request Form.

Not An ETSU Employee or Student?

Due to license restrictions, off-campus access is not available to:

However, anyone may come in to the Sherrod Library and use licensed resources through our public access computers.

Help with Off Campus Access

Problems with off-campus access are most often due to authentication, browser configuration, workplace firewalls, or incorrect links:

To activate your ETSU domain/e-mail account or to reset your password:
To get help with your ETSU computer account:
contact the OIT Help Desk.
To get help with any other access issue, contact:
Sherrod Library Reference
Toll-Free: 1-866-542-3878 (1-866-LIB-ETSU)
Local: (423) 439-4307

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