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Instruction & Workshops

Tutorials and Videos

We have made several tutorials and videos to help with a variety of subjects. They can be found on our tutorials and videos page.

Library Workshops

We offer Graduate Workshops on a variety of topics, from time and project management to academic searching to establishing your professional social media presence. ETSU faculty and staff are invited to attend these sessions.

Fall 2017 Graduate-Level Workshops

Library Instruction (Traditional Courses)

Library instruction Lab Photo

ETSU faculty members and teaching assistants are encouraged to incorporate research and information literacy skills into their courses.  Instruction Librarians will work with your students in your classroom or at Sherrod Library.  Because library instruction is often in high demand at peak periods of the academic year, please make your request a minimum of two weeks in advance of the desired date.  After you have scheduled a session, you will be contacted by a library faculty member who will develop a presentation in accordance with your students' research needs.

Tips for Faculty Requesting a Library Instruction Session

  • Be specific about the information, resources and skills you want your students to learn.
  • Provide the Instruction Librarian with a copy of the research assignment or class syllabus.
  • Plan to attend the instruction session with your class.

Library Instruction (Distance/Online Courses)

Faculty may request different types of library instruction and orientations tailored to class needs:

  • In-person support provided to students and faculty at off-campus locations
  • Handouts, research guides, and instructional videos tailored to your course assignments
  • Professional research and reference services available in D2L for your course

Library Instruction Request Form

Graduate Instruction Librarian
(Traditional Courses, Workshops)

Dr. Wendy Doucette

Phone: (423) 439-4336



Distance Instruction Librarian
(Online Courses, Workshops)

Joanna Anderson

Phone: (423) 439-4714