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Spaces & Study Rooms

Silent Study,Room 353 

Silent Study Space Photo

Completed in Spring 2015, funded by the student library fee.

  • No talking.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Use headphones to listen to audio.
  • ETSU wireless network and electrical outlets available.


Suite 311

Active learning Lounge

Suite 311

  • Use Mediascape Lounge to share computer displays.
  • Open conversation.
  • Text, do not talk on cell phones.
  • Set cell phones to vibrate or silent modes.
  • Use headphones to listen to audio.



Silvers Reading Area, 2nd Floor

Silent Study Space Photo

The Barbara Jaffe Silvers Memorial Library Endowment was established in 1993 by Herbert R. Silvers, a retired ETSU adjunct faculty member, in memory of his late wife, also a former adjunct faculty in the Department of History. The Silvers Reading Area, located on the second floor of Sherrod Library, contains part of her personal book collection, several classics of the twentieth century literature, and current, popular books leased with support from the endowment. The leased collection is updated monthly.

Archives Reading Room, 4th Floor

Appalachia Archives

Archives Reading Room is located on the fourth floor of the Sherrod Library; our reading room has a commanding view of the campus. It is here that you can see the manuscripts, photographs, business and organization records, video recordings and films in our collections. You can also listen to recordings from our large collection of audio recordings of Appalachian traditional culture and music and commercial recordings of bluegrass and country music.

We have over 9000 books on southern Appalachia. The collection is especially strong in East Tennessee history, Appalachian folk culture, traditional music, bluegrass and country music.

Information Desk, 1st Floor

Phone: (423) 439-4307
Service Hours

Location Map for Silent Study Space third floor

Suite 311

Location Map for Silvers Reading Area second floor

Location Map for Archives Reading Room fourth floor