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Print, Copy, Scan


  • Black-and-white photocopying and printing cost the same and are done by the same machines.
  • Color laser printing is available but color copying is not.
  • Copying and printing costs money. Scanning and saving files is free.
  • You can scan both black-and-white and color.
  • There are no copiers, printers, or scanners on the 4th floor.

What Do I Need?

  1. ETSU computer account and
  2. Money in an ID Buc$ account or student TAF allocation for printing (CS Print).
  • Students get a $25 credit each semester for printing/copying, a benefit from the Technology Access Fee (TAF). When this credit is used up, students can use their ID Buc$ account to pay.
  • Visitors may purchase a Sherrod Library Guest Card at the Circulation Service desk on the first floor to get ETSU computer and ID Buc$ accounts.
  • Anyone can add money to their ID Buc$ account for cash using the machine at the foot of the stairs near Einstein Brothers Bagels on the first floor. If you need cash, the closest ATM machine is in the D. P. Culp University Center near the Post Office.

Mobile Printing now available!

Click here to learn about mobile printing in the Sherrod Library.

How Do I Print?

1. Select the black & white or color printer.
Default black & white printer sherrod copy print
Color printer which is sherrod lab print
  • PS (Postscript) may be slower but higher quality for image color printing.
  • PCL (Printer Command Language) tends to be faster and is adequate for most purposes.
2. Name your print Job. Keep it short and avoid using spaces. Click the print button.
3. Accept the charges. Your print job(s) will be held for printing for up to two hours.
Message about your print job photo

4. Go to the printer you selected and log in with your ETSU username and password.

  • Use the touch screen on the B&W printers or the mouse and keyboard on the PC beside the color printer.

5. Select the jobs you want to print, wait for printing to finish, and collect your finished pages.

Print jobs sent to SherrodCopyPrint or Sherrod Lab Color can be picked up at any of the following locations:

1st Floor (SherrodCopyPrint)

1st Floor (Sherrod Lab Color)

2nd Floor (SherrodCopyPrint)

3rd Floor Room 305 (SherrodCopyPrint)
in Documents, Law, and Maps

ITS Library Lab
Help Desk, 1st Floor

Phone: (423) 439-4648
Service Hours

Print Type  Price Per Page
Black & White Print  $ 0.10  
Color Print  $ 0.25

Printer Locations