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Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Technical Reports

The EECS Technical Memorandum Series provides a dated archive of EECS (electrical engineering and computer science) research.  Maintained by the University of California Berkeley's College of Engineering, it includes Ph.D. theses and master's reports as well as technical documents that complement traditional publication media such as journals. For example, technical reports may document work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

Technical reports listed here include the EECS Technical Report series (started in October 2005), the CS Technical Report series (from 1982 to 2005), and the ERL Technical report series (from 1984 to 2005, plus selected titles from before 1984). Full text is included for the EECS and CS series, but not for the ERL series. In the case of the ERL series, full text may be available on other web sites (such as the personal web pages of the authors).

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UC Berkeley
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Electrical engineering and computer sciences