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Health and Wellness Resource Center

Health & Wellness Resource Center delivers up-to-date health reference material in the form of full-text magazines, journals, and pamphlets from a wide variety of authoritative medical sources. All content from Gale and its imprints is reviewed by medical experts in the form of publication-specific advisory boards. All third party content undergoes its own review process. Health & Wellness Resource Center has partnered with Healthology, an industry leader in providing health and medical video content and physician-authored articles.  Health & Wellness Resource Center also brings you the latest reporting from Consumer Health News. Every article, pamphlet, and multimedia resource you find is available for printing, e-mailing, and downloading. You'll also be able to create a "keeper" list of articles and other materials that interest you. You can access this list, known as a Marked List, at any time during your session. The Marked List also offers the ability to print, e-mail, and download. (Source: Provider Web Site)

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Consumer information regarding health and medicine