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Class Readings / Course Reserves

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Course Reserve for Students

How to Find and Use Course Reserves?


The online course material reserve for students from faculty will be posted on D2L by library staff.   Book chapters, journal articles, and other materials in PDF format will be downloadable from the online course site (D2L).

Physical Materials

  • Anatomy models, books, and media that must be used in the library will have a link to the item in the library catalog showing location, call number, and availability.
  • Borrow course reserve materials at the Circulation service desk on the first floor, on the left as you enter the building.
  • Provide your ETSU ID and the item call number. If you don't have the call number, the course code and number or instructor name will help locate the item.
  • Many students need to use course reserve items in a short time, so loan periods are short and overdue fines are high.
  • Course reserve items may not be requested, recalled, or renewed.

Library Course Reserve

Phone: 423-439-5748


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How to..

Access Online Course Reserve!

Enter here to Login D2L

Check Out Course Reserve!

  • Check call number of material on catalog
  • Go to Circulation & Course Reserve,1st Floor
  • Show your Valid ETSU ID

Phone: (423) 439-4303

Circulation and Course reserve Desk First Floor

Find Course Reserve Loan Policies for Students

Enter here to download Loan Policies for students