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ADA/Disability Services

Special Services Lab & Study Room

Sherrod Library recognizes the personal challenges faced by people with disabilities

  • The Special Services Lab, located in room 318, provides equipment and software to assist persons with disabilities with locating and using library resources
  • For a quick reference for using some accessibility tools and this website, please visit
  • A video phone is available in room 330.
  • Access to these rooms is provided by ETSU Disability Services. Once you are granted access, swipe your Student ID to enter.
  • All four floors of Sherrod Library are accessible to persons with disabilities

Special Services Equipment

Magnisight Monitor (TV)
The Magnisight Monitor is for visually impaired readers and has number of special features to enlarge text, images and objects. Magnisight Monitor Photo
Magnifier/Reader Computer System
Zoom Text and JAWS are installed on the lab's PCs. Zoom Text magnifies the screen and provides control of options such as color, pointer, cursor and focus.Job Access With Speech (JAWS) provides text-to-speech and Braille output for most applications on the lab PCs. Magnifier/Reader Computer System Photo
Low Vision Keyboard
Some lab computers are equipped with the Low Vision Keyboard that has keys 30% larger than those on a standard keyboard. Low Vision Keyboard Photo
Videophone -Room 330
An NTouch Video P is available in Room 330. If this room is occupied or unavailable due to construction, another video phone is available 8am-4:30pm weekdays in Disability Services in the D.P. Culp University Center Room 326/333. Videophone Photo
KIC Scanner
The KIC scanners are located on the first floor in the Information Commons, and on the third floor in Room 305. An ETSU account and USB jump-drive to save documents are needed. The KIC Scanner allows users to scan books and other documents available in the library. The KIC scanner has the option to change outputs for Text-to-Speech, searchable PDF documents, and enhanced on screen viewing. For additional assistance, help desks are located near each KIC Scanner, as well as on screen tutorials. Accessible KIC Scanner PhotoAccessible KIC Scanner Photo

Access & Assistance Contact ETSU Disability Services, D.P. Culp University Center, Room 326

TDD/ Voice:423-439-8370
Fax: 423-439-8489

Locate Special Services Lab

Sherrod Library First Floor near information commons

Sherrod Library First Floor near information commons