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Anyone can search the library catalog and use available items in the campus libraries.

Access to electronic resources (e.g., journal articles, eBooks, research databases) is usually restricted by license agreements to computers on the ETSU campus network (wired or wireless).

Only current ETSU students, faculty, and staff can access electronic resources from off campus if the network service provider policy in those locations allows proxies. Some locations (e.g., schools, hospitals) block proxies.

Onlne Access links in the library catalog show any access restrictions :

eBook catalog record ETSU only


You need a current ETSU or Library Guest user account (username and password) to

  • Log on to a library computer to find and view electronic resources
  • Download files to a USB flash drive or email them


You also need an ETSU Campus ID account to pay for printing or photocopying.

What you need to have and what you can do is summarized in the table below:

  ETSU Username & Password ETSU Campus ID Account Library Patron Barcode Use eResources in Library Photocopy, Print Scan & Save|eMail Borrow Library Materials Use eResources Off Campus
Current ETSU Student Do I need...  Y  Y  Y Can I...  Y  Y Y Y Y
Current ETSU Faculty, Staff Do I need...  Y Need ID Buc$  Y Can I...  Y Need ID Buc$ Y Y Y
Library Guest - Online ($5/year) Do I need...  Y  Y  N Can I...  Y Y Y N N
Library Guest - Associate ($25/year) Do I need...  Y  Y  Y Can I...  Y Y Y Y N

Off-Campus Access

Current ETSU Students, Faculty, and Staff

If you are using a commercial Internet Service Provider (cable, DSL, wireless broadband) you can access library resources in either of two ways:

    1. Proxy Server

      The proxy server makes requests from your computer appear to be coming from the ETSU campus network. The proxy server prompts you to login with your ETSU username and password and connects to the resource if authentication succeeds.

      ETSU proxy login screen

    2. Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) ETSU Faculty, Staff Only

      RDG establishes a secure connection to your campus desktop computer so you can access library resources like you do at work. The Remote Desktop Gateway Instructions include policy and request form links.