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Graduate Student Scholarship



The Sherrod Library Graduate Student Scholarship for Excellence in Research recognizes graduate students who demonstrate research acumen and a successful, strategic search strategy in utilizing library resources to conduct research during graduate coursework. A $500 scholarship will be granted to the recipient of this award given once annually during the Fall semester.

Applicants must be
  • a currently enrolled graduate student in good standing
  • the sole author of a research paper (close readings, case summaries, and book or literature reviews are not eligible)
    • submitted for ETSU course credit during Spring 2017 or Summer 2017
    • of between 10 and 20 pages in length
    • containing a minimum of 10 sources
      • more than 50% of which are peer-reviewed
  • nominated by the professor of record for the course in which the paper was submitted
All graduate coursework prior to capstone, thesis or dissertation is eligible. Chapters or sections of capstone, thesis, or dissertation will not be considered.

Nomination Process

A graduate student may ask faculty to nominate their research paper for this scholarship. Alternatively, faculty may begin the nomination process yourself by nominating a student’s paper for this award. Sherrod Library honors and respects the communication process between instructors and students and will not will not act as intermediary for this application in any way. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note that the scholarship granted in Fall 2017 will be for work submitted during the two previous semesters: Summer 2017 and Spring 2017. For subsequent years, papers submitted from Fall through the Summer semester will be eligible for the scholarship given the next Fall semester. For example, papers submitted from Fall 2017 through Summer 2018 will be eligible for the scholarship given in Fall 2018. Nominations for this scholarship are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Process

Two parts are required for this scholarship: a nomination from faculty and an application by the student.

  1. The professor of record for the course in which the paper or project was submitted must complete the brief nomination form online
  2. The graduate student will fill out the application form online.
    • including a 300-500-word essay describing their mastery of the overall research strategy and successful execution of Sherrod Library resources employed in the paper.
    • The final version of the research paper will be attached as part of the nomination.
Once submitted online, applications cannot be edited. For the Fall 2017 scholarship, all requirements must be submitted by September 30, 2017. The recipient of the scholarship and the nominating faculty member will be notified by November 30, 2017. The recipient will be recognized within Sherrod Library and at the School of Graduate Studies Awards Ceremony and Reception.

Evaluation Criteria

A panel composed of library faculty and staff will judge entries that meet the criteria listed in the Overview above. The 300-500-word essay should address the following and must reference concrete examples of these applications in the nominated work. Describe your
  • utilization of Sherrod Library online and/or physical collections to support an original argument or idea
  • steps, execution and evolution of a personal research plan to locate primary and secondary research resources
  • strategy for evaluating the suitability and effectiveness of resources selected
  • method for surmounting unexpected roadblocks and other challenges

This thoughtful essay on which you describing your research techniques and reflect on your evolution and process of locating and applying academic research will be given the most weight in the judging process. Essays will be compared against the final version of the paper submitted by the instructor to verify that the resources referenced by the student are evident within the work.

For questions about this scholarship, please contact Dr. Wendy Doucette (
For questions about the application process, please contact Ms. Brooke Lyon (