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Sherrod Library Public Locker Policy

Print or download the policy or the release form in PDF format.

Lockers in Sherrod Library are:

  • available free of charge for temporary storage of items;
  • located on all four floors of the building;
  • available on a first-come, first-served basis;
  • 34 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 12 inches deep.

Lockers have combination locks. To use a locker, you create your own combination. When you return to a locker and open it with your combination, the lock resets and you will need to create a new combination before using it again.

If library staff need to open the locker, your combination will be deleted.

Combination (Forgotten or Deleted)

If you forgot your combination, please ask someone at the Sherrod Library Ask Us desk on the first floor to call the Library Security Officer, who will open the locker. In the absence of the Library Security Officer, a designated library staff member will open the locker.

You will need to describe the contents of the locker to the Officer or staff member, present a valid picture ID, and sign a release form stating that the contents are yours and that you release the university and its employees from any claims resulting from the improper release of property contained in the locker.

Use of Lockers

Lockers may be used to store personal belongings and library materials that have been checked out.

Please do not store food or drink for an extended period, and make sure that food and drink are in properly sealed containers.

Library staff inspect lockers regularly and reserve the right to dispose of expired food and drink and to remove library materials not checked out.

Self-serve lockers are not guaranteed to be secure. ETSU is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Clearing Lockers

Lockers will be cleared by library staff periodically. The lockers are to be used for temporary storage only. When vacating a locker, please remove all personal belongings.

At the end of the semester, any personal items found in lockers will be bagged, tagged with the locker number, and deposited with Lost and Found at the D. P. Culp University Center.

How to Lock a Locker

  1. Open the locker door.
  2. Place personal belongings in locker.
  3. Close the locker door.
  4. With the lock in the "Unlock" position, turn the dials to set a 3-digit combination.
  5. Turn the lock knob to "Lock" position.
  6. Spin the dials again to secure the lock.
  7. Check to make sure the locker is locked.

How to Unlock a Locker

  1. Spin the dials to your personally set combination.
  2. Turn the lock knob to "Unlock" position.
  3. Open the locker door.
  4. Leave the lock knob in "Unlock" position for the next user. For security purposes be sure to scramble the dials.

October 2016