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Work Study and Graduate Assistantships in Sherrod Library

PHD Required*

*Punctual, Helpful, Dependable

Student jobs at Sherrod are real work with real responsibility.

Hours to fit your schedule

Days, evenings, weekends

Work hours may be available from 8AM to 11PM, 7 days a week.

Typical Tasks

Student work may involve a wide range of tasks.

Help visitors find

  • Services
  • Collections
  • People
  • Places

Answer questions

Process materials

  • Scan book chapters and articles
  • Retrieve and shelve books

Collect data about building spaces and use

Student Work/Work Study

Students approved by the ETSU Office of Financial Aid for Federal Work Study (FWS), Regular Student Work Program (RWSP, or Academic Performance Scholarship (APS) programs can apply online for student work in the library.

Visit the ETSU Office of Financial Aid Student Work Programs website for information about student work programs(s) you may be eligible for and how to apply.

Positions are limited! If you are selected, you will be contacted using the information provided on the online application.

Student workers employed by Sherrod Library for at least one full semester are eligible to apply for a $500 Student Employee Scholarship.

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

Graduate students eligible for a full (20 hours per week) or partial (10 hours per week) graduate assistantship can apply online for a GA position in the library.

Visit the ETSU School of Graduate Studies Assistantship Information website for information about eligibility, the application process, and more.

A listing of all available GA positions may also be viewed on School of Graduate Studies site.

Graduate Assistants employed by Sherrod Library for at least one full semester are eligible to apply for a $500 Outstanding GA Scholarship.

For more information about GA positions, contact Jeri Paddock:
DEPARTMENT: Circulation
PHONE NUMBER: 423-439-8553
Jeri Paddock Location Map

Student Worker Scholarship Award Recipients

2016 (from left to right):
Matthew Baptist, Jasmine Taylor Seal, Brittany Risner, Christopher Harr

2015 (from left to right):
Rebecca Cox, Zachary Peck, and Adam Timbs

2014 (from left to right):
Shannon Reed, Rachel Taylor, Amberly Rogers

Working at Sherrod Library