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What printers and copiers are available? Where are they located?

Black-and-White Laser Printers and Copiers
Location Device Functions Price per Page Printer Name
1st Floor Lab Canon ImageRunner 6065 Print $0.10 Sherrod Lab Print
1st Floor Copy/Print Canon ImageRunner 3245 Copy or Print $0.10 Sherrod CopyPrint
2nd Floor Copy/Print Canon ImageRunner 3245 Copy or Print $0.10 Sherrod CopyPrint
3rd Floor Copy/Print 305 Canon ImageRunner 3245 Copy or Print $0.10 Sherrod CopyPrint
Color Laser Printer
1st Floor Lab Dell 5130cdn Print $0.25 Sherrod Lab Color printer

What do I need?

  1. ETSU computer account
  2. ID Buc$ account or student TAF allocation for printing (CS Print)

Visitors may purchase a Sherrod Library Online Guest card at the Circulation Service desk on the first floor to get ETSU computer and ID Buc$ accounts.

How do I print?

  1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer or Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), either click on the Print icon and choose Print or click on the Menu Bar option File > Print:
    • Screen capture Microsoft IE print icon or Screen capture Microsoft Office File Print menu
  2. Choose the printer:
    Black-and-white 1st Floor Lab Sherrod Lab Print
      1st-3rd Floors, Copy/Print Rooms Sherrod CopyPrint
    Color 1st Floor Lab Sherrod Lab Color printer
  3. Select your printing preferences (e.g., number of copies, one- or two-sided printing) and then click the Print button.
  4. Name your print job. Keep it short and avoid using spaces. Click the Print button.
    Screen capture print job popup
  5. Accept the charges by clicking the "Yes" button.
    Image of print job cost notification
  6. Go to the printer you selected and log in. Use the touch screen on the Canon ImageRunners. Use the keyboard and mouse on the PC print release station beside the color printer.
  7. Select your print job(s) and and click the Print button.
  8. Logoff when finished to close your accounts.

If you have any problems with printing please ask for help at the OIT LibLab Help Desk (423-439-5334,

How do I copy?

The Canon ImageRunner 3245 machines in the copy/print rooms are configured to copy as well as print.

  1. Logon with your ETSU computer account using the touchscreen.
  2. Select the Copy function on the touch screen.
  3. Use the buttons on the machine to make copies.
  4. Logoff when finished to close your accounts.


Photo of microform scanner in use

Digital scanning stations for microforms and documents are located on the second floor in Periodicals and Microforms.

Two flatbed scanning stations for photographs, documents, and opaque microcard are located in front of the Periodicals service desk.

Two ScanPro 2000 digital microform scanning stations are available in Microforms to scan images from microfilm or microfiche.

Users are encouraged to save their files on a portable USB flash drive in Portable Document Format (PDF)instead of printing them.


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