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Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values

  1. Mission The mission of the Charles C. Sherrod Library is to provide innovative, effective, and accessible resources, spaces, and services to promote life-long learning and to support the University's programs of teaching, research, and service.
  2. Vision The Charles C. Sherrod Library will be an integral partner within the University, preparing our community to shape the future.
  3. Goals
    • Assessment: Our goal is to transparently assess performance and resources in order to gauge effectiveness, plan for the future, and adapt to changing needs.
    • Funding: Our goal is to expand and develop sources of funding and to manage financial resources responsibly in order to support current and future initiatives at sustainable levels.
    • Infrastructure: Our goal is to develop and manage current and comprehensive collections, appropriate technology, and flexible spaces in order for our community to discover, access, and use information relevant to their needs.
    • New Service Model: Our goal is to examine, assess, and structure library services and organization in order to align our resources with the needs of our community.
    • Public Relations and Marketing: Our goal is to promote our services, collections, and space to the community in order to cultivate collaboration, spark intellectual curiosity, and celebrate our successes.
    • Workforce Development: Our goal is to create a stimulating work environment that nurtures creativity and life-long learning in order to enhance our level of excellence.
  4. Values
    • Civility: We believe that each member of the community deserves to be treated with civility. Civility encompasses: listening when others speak and responding in a courteous manner; speaking and acting with forethought; and showing patience and using tact in dealing with all.
    • Excellence: We are dedicated to an excellence centered on a strong work ethic, pride in our work, and service and accountability to our community.
    • Collaboration: We believe that collaboration within and outside of the library is the best way to identify and utilize the expertise and creativity necessary to serve our community.
    • Innovation: We value innovation and creativity, and embrace positive, relevant change that benefits our community.
    • Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards of honesty and fairness, and we recognize that integrity and ethical behavior are essential elements of our profession.
    • Respect: We recognize, value and encourage the differences and varying opinions of others throughout the organization and the community, while providing an environment that is inclusive and diverse.
    • Scholarship: We value the creative pursuit of knowledge and its generation, acquisition, and dissemination.